Bowen is a soft tissue therapy, that uses gentle rolling type movements to stimulate the brain to correct problems.

A series of small moves made with thumbs and fingers, trigger a response in your tissue and nervous system to help release areas of tension or imbalance. Specific moves are made over areas of muscle, tendon, ligament and other connective tissues using the amount of pressure appropriate to the individual. It does not involve hard adjustments or pushing tissue around like a massage and is therefore gentle and relaxing to receive.

Bowen can make a major difference for people with muscular and skeletal problems such as aches and pains, however it can also help with other problems such as asthma, headaches, stress, IBS and hay-fever. It is common for longstanding problems to be helped in just a few sessions. See how this effective therapy can help you here.

Bowen Therapy has a strong record of success in the treatment of back pain. A national study, carried out by The Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) in 2006, showed that 95 per cent of back pain sufferers experienced either complete relief or a marked improvement, after a series of no more than three Bowen treatments.


How Does it Work?

What is bowen?

The body is networked by a continuous system of connective tissue which surrounds all our organs and muscles. Bowen works with this connective tissue as well as the muscles, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue, to stimulate your nervous system.

Each move sends signals to the brain which then assesses the problem and surrounding area, before making any needed changes. It is this response, and often immediate release, that results in a reduction of pain.

Something Unique

The unique feature of Bowen

A unique feature of this therapy is the pause between moves. These pauses give your body a chance to  process signals between the body and the brain before another set of move or signals are performed. During these breaks the process of repair starts.

Bowen is the catalyst for your body to do the needed work to restore function and reduce pain.


Find out more about what a treatment is like here.


Where did bowen originate?

History of Bowen - Tom Bowen

Tom Bowen (1916 – 1982) from Australia, believed in the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself if given the right stimulus. Tom used information and principles from contemporaries in osteopathic, chiropractic and acupuncture disciplines. He developed a way of working that became know as The Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy. It was introduced to the UK in the 1980’s.

With the continuous research and new understanding of the body, this therapy has been developed through the decades to become ever more effective.